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Platforms, widgets, standards – you know the hosting drill. But your video content deserves better: a home that’s truly yours. Made for your needs and your rules. Headless and with seamless integration. Secure. Fast. Simply: Bold.

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The Feeling

Your new video cloud

Get Bold. You have every reason.

When standard platforms don’t meet your standards, video hosting and delivery aren't too much fun. Now forget about all that — because we’re Bold and we’re here to save the day.

BYOF - Bring Your Own Frontend.

React, Next.js, Vue, iOS, Android – you name it: no matter which stack your company runs on, your video library is now always cool with it. Bold integrates seamlessly, wherever and however you want it to run. Seriously.

Lighting fast. As secure as it gets.

Faster is fun. That’s why Bold is fun: our platform benefits from the speedy strengths of Elixir and the Erlang Virtual Machine. And with your content finally gone from public servers you can kiss crucial security issues goodbye.

REST in peace. Long live GraphQL.

Save your video management from multiple and error ridden server requests. By the mighty powers of GraphQL, Bold just needs to do one single request instead of several roundtrips. Or, in short: we keep it simple - but not stupid.

See what’s happening. In real time.

Video creation takes a lot of effort. It’s just natural you’ll want to know what works best with your designated audience. That’s why Bold gives you all the insight you need – in real time, fully anonymized and with a neat dashboard.

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We care about the protection of your data. Read our Privacy Policy.

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